Information About Pai Gow Poker Game


The game Pai Gow poker is a deviation of poker game. This Pai Gow is played by using standard 52 card decks and with a joker.

Pai Gow poker table contains six players and a broker. In this game, the player must set the two hands. One is five cards hand and the other is two cards hand. The five cards hand is also known as high hand and two cards hand is also known as a low hand. The main objective of this game is to beat the dealer?s both hands.

The high card hand of the player is placed in the area in front of them whereas the 2nd highest or two cards low hand is placed above the high hand towards the banker?s. An indicator is located in front of the dealer.


By placing the bets of equal amount Pai Gow game play starts. The banker mixes up and deals seven hands of seven cards face down by counterclockwise direction. This is equal to 49 cards and other 4 cards will be remaining in each 52 card deck. The receiver of the first hand is determined by the three dice. The player must form two hands when all the players receive their seven cards face down.

Depending on the poker rankings the high hand consists of five aces and the low hand consists of two aces. The players are playing in oppositionĀ agen bola terpercaya you can win your bet by winning both hands. In casinos, the dealer must have enough chips to cover up all the other players betting?s. After completion of hand setting, the banker will compare dealers hand with players hand for payouts.

Coming to the Pai Gow poker betting, if you are not banking, then your five card hand is greater than that of the dealer and also your low hand can beat the dealer?s hand. There may be four probable results:

  1. You win both bets when both your hands beat the banker.
  2. You lose both bets when both your hands close to the banker.
  3. If it is a push then one hand wins and one hand loses.
  4. If the banker wins then it may be time.

The bankers win on ties so it is very beneficial to a bank. if the player wants then they may pass the chance to the bank.

Pai Gow Poker rules are most important for the game. The very important rule to memorize when playing the Pai Gow is that the five card hand rank must be greater than the two card hand rank. If the player set the hand incorrectly then he will automatically lose the game. Some times the joker may be used as an Ace and sometimes that can only be used to complete flush, straight flush or straight.

Pai Gow poker strategy is very important in the game. The first strategy in improving your chances in Pai Gow poker is the ratio of how much is bet when you are the dealer too as a player. The second strategy is how well u set your cards. The very safe Pai Gow poker strategy is house way.