How To Buy Professional Text Transcription From Accredited Colleges

Accredited Colleges

Transcriptions, transcribing, typing-out of texts. Seemingly simple tasks that nonetheless need considerable cultural and technical knowledge and skill – and a whole lot of patience! Transcripts intend to be a virtual scriptorium for those who do not wish to compromise on the purity and power of language. Text caliber, precision and the capability to help expand your company into new markets with the help of global technologies, Transcripts provides dynamic and quality Transcription & Text Transcribing Services, together with the utmost attention to detail and precision. Since your words deserve respect.

Transcriptions In Other Languages

Rediscover old-fashioned craftsmanship quality. The artwork of transcription signifies transcripts transcribed manually, not by machines, and without using automatic recognition program. The transcriptions are performed exclusively by native-language scribes, language leaders whined in Italian, English, French and several other languages, culture fans, business professionals able to translate terms which are specialized, obscure, and sector-pertinent. All that’s required is a crystal clear recording!

Transcriptions are faithful writings of meetings, conferences, interviews, and other oral documentation. Aside from transcripts in Italian, French, and English, buy transcripts delivers the possibility of getting perfect German and Spanish transcriptions, Danish transcriptions, Russian transcriptions, Albanian transcriptions, Romanian and Moldavian transcripts, Serbian and Croatian transcriptions, Czech transcripts, Slovak transcriptions, Arabic transcripts, Chinese transcriptions, Japanese transcripts.

Transcription Services

Dissertation Transcription

This kind can be used for doctoral students completing their dissertation and generally involves a bulk of interviews utilized in preparing their final dissertation.

Focus Group Transcription

Focus Group Transcription

This type is used particularly for focus groups, and these groups generally consist of more than three or four speakers.

Market Research Transcription

This kind is also self-explanatory and may or may not comprise more than one speaker. It is ordinarily used for any type of market research.

Podcast Transcription

This type is used for transcribing podcasts. Some customers prefer to not only broadcast their podcasts live but also place the transcripts on their website or simply to store in their archives.