6 Different Amazing Facts About Bulbul Breeds

Amazing facts about Bulbul

Bulbuls are a family of birds. They are medium-sized birds. There are about 130 species in 24 genera. The bulbules that are in the forest are known as Greenbuls. They are highly vocal and describe themselves as nasal or gravelly.


We find most of the African areas and in the Middle East, tropical Asia and Indonesia, and the north to Japan. Few of its species are found in the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean.

African species are mainly seabirds in the tropical rainforest. Shows most Asian countries.



Bulbuls are thin, short-necked birds. They have long tails and short rounded wings. The score is taken broadened and hooked at the end in the perfect part of the species. The soft plumage is colorful with yellow, red or orange openings, cheeks, throat or supercilia in some of the species. But most of the monotonous children, with a plumage uniform from olive to black. Few species have distinct ridges. Females are smaller compared to males.


Various fruits, seeds, nectar, small insects and other products and even small vertebrates are their prey.

Loud Bird

One of the authors has described you as “the most unpleasant noises made by any Ava”. It is known to be very vocal.


Los Bulbuls are what is most popular and in some cases a very close family. The female incubates the eggs in an average of 12 days. While incubating the male feed the female. صوت البلبل Bulbuls are polygamous that do not stay with the chicks until they grow. So the family ties are not present.

Noisy Mascot

Red-Whiskered Bulbul and Red-Aired Bulbul are grown in the home. They have better songs than Bulbul with brown ears.